VideoGamer Greece Rate Card -

VideoGamer Greece Rate Card

Thank you for taking interest in advertising with VideoGamer Greece.

Our website is part of the international publishing network Candy Banana which is initially comprised of websites, Planet Destiny, The Sims Resource, Game Debate, VideoGamer Portugal and Sportra, reaching a combined 7 million unique users and 116 million page impressions monthly.

VideoGamer Greece launched in October 2015 and it covers all news and developments around video games, the gaming technology, and the e-sport world, both in Greece and all around the world. We also maintain a highly engaged community both on-site and on our Facebook Page.

Below you can find more details on the advertising space and prices available in our website.

CPM Rates
Placement CPM Cost Guaranteed Pageviews
Website Skin 4€ 40,000 Pageviews
728×90 Homepage 3€ 40,000 Pageviews
728×90 Inside Article Content 3€ 40,000 Pageviews
300×250 Sidebar Top 2€ 40,000 Pageviews
300×250 Sidebar Bottom 2€ 40,000 Pageviews
300×600 Sidebar Bottom 2€ 40,000 Pageviews

We guarantee 40K Pageviews on all ads. We also offer partners with 6month or 12month agreement a 20% off from all prices in the above table.

Below you can see an example of the most used ad units.


Appart from the specified ad placements mentioned above, we also offer various other methods of promotion.

Below you can find the according list.

Fixed Price Rates
Type Cost Description
Email Branding 80€/Month We send out weekly emails to our subscribers, with all the latest news from the past week. We offer advertising space in all our newsletters, before and after the email content.
Promoted Article 30€/Week We offer promoted advertised content. The content remains pinned on the top of the homepage news grid, and on the sidebars “Popular Posts”.
Facebook Promoted Post 20€/Week We offer promoted posts on our Facebook page which remain pinned on the top of the page for a week.
Video Sponsorship 40€/Video We offer ad mentions and links in the description in our video content.

We also offer design and production help on all ads, if there is a need for that. If you have an idea for a type of advertisment that is not listed in the above tables please feel free to contact us at [email protected]